Space Created @ Schools

-=PG3 Food Management Pte Ltd=-

Client: PG3 Food Management Pte Ltd

Business Nature: Food & Beverages in School Canteens

Type of Racking installed:

Silver Black Boltless Racking, Customised Platform


Expansion of the storage space by installing Boltless Racking and customised platforms in 3 different schools – Millenia Institute, Bukit Panjang Government High School and Mayflower Secondary School.

Challenges faced: The fabrication of the odd-shaped customised platforms proved to be a challenge for our team as there were a few columns along the walls. However, our team managed to overcome yet another challenge and completed the job smoothly.

Boltless RackingPlatform 1Platform 3Customised PlatformBoltless Racking
Shelf N Store Pte Ltd would like to express our gratitude to PG3 Food Management Pte Ltd for allowing us to take pictures of the racking.

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