Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are the shelving/racking made of stainless steel?

-> No. Material used is mild steel, either chrome-plated (wire shelving only) or powder-coated.

-> Black /Silver-Black boltless rack – scratch resistant surfaces.

2) Where are they manufactured in?

-> Chrome/Grey wire shelving – Japanese design, manufactured in China.

-> Black/Silver-black boltless rack – European design, manufactured in China.

-> Our supplier also supplies racking/shelving to many other countries in Europe and America.

3) Will the metal structure rust?

-> With proper handling and maintenance, the racking/shelving will not rust.

-> The racking/shelving are not made of stainless steel. Hence, it will rust if the coating (chrome plating/powder-coat surface) is being damaged by deep cuts, scratches, dents from knocks.

-> Chrome-plated wire shelving – require maintenance as the surface may oxidized over time. Can be wiped off using cloth.

4) What racking/shelving is suitable for residential/commercial?

-> Both Wire Shelving and Boltless Racking are suitable for residential/commercial usage. Our products are classified according to the different weight capacity (150kg, 250 kg and 400kg).

5) Can each decking really withstand the weight load as what the UDL stated?

-> Yes. It can withstand the given UDL as long as the weight of the object is being evenly spread out across the decking. At no point of time should the weight of the load be focused at the middle of the decking.

6) Do the racking/shelving of length 1500mm/1800mm has the same weight load per level as the rest of the dimensions?

-> No. As the length of the racking/shelving increases, the Uniformly Distributed Load(UDL) capacity of it decreases (less around 50-100 kg/level). A good practice is to place heavier things on both sides and lighter things in the center. (Refer to diagram).


7) What are the differences between the different models of boltless racking?

Shelf N Store makes it easy to find the ideal racks suited to your storge needs. Choose among four product lines: from high-quality entry-level models to premium racks with high load capacity and finest design to help you organize and create more space for your home and office.

Boltless Racks Features & Comparison

Boltless Racks Features & Comparison

8) What are the delivery and installation charges?

-> 1) Additional surcharge S$30.00 applied for delivery to Jurong Island, Sentosa & Central.

-> 2) Delivery for 1 set is S$ 50.00/trip. If 2 sets and above, delivery is free.

9) Is there any warranty?

-> 1) 1 year warranty from date of delivery will be provided for factory welding defects on metal parts only. It does not cover wear and tear for all other parts.

-> 2) For wire shelving, there will be a lifetime plastic clips replacement.