The Different Types of Rack in Singapore

The Different Types of Rack in Singapore

Types of Rack in Singapore

Racks are used to meet the storage needs of homes, commercial, and industrial spaces. And different rack types are designed for specific purposes. Some racks are used for everyday and light items, such as your figurine and CD collection at home. On the other hand, there are racks that are built for heavier items, and these can be commonly found in warehouses.

If you want to know more about the different types of racks you can use for whatever purpose you have in mind, be sure to read on. We have delved into the different types of racks, specifically the different racking systems and how to make the most out of each type.

Importance of Racks for Both Home and Business

Racking systems play an essential role in the home and business setting. In your respective homes, you most likely use racks to store both everyday and seasonal items and keep them organised at all times.

On the other hand, the use of racks in the business setting positively impacts the efficiency of your daily operations. Say, for instance, you have a decent-sized warehouse where you store the goods and items for your retail store. Recently, you noticed an increase in the demand for a large amount of what you sell and that you find the need to secure enough supply.

At first, you may initially think of renting another warehouse to store your stocks or supplies. But before you head right to search your area for the closest warehouse to your store, you may want to consider looking at your existing warehouse first. The reason is that you have not fully utilised its nooks and crannies just yet.

See that empty vertical space? You can make the most out of it by installing racks, such as the Mezzanine racking system, which is one of the best ways to make an unused high-space area functional. If you opt for efficient racking solutions, you will resolve your current dilemma the best way possible. Plus, you will no longer have to go to the costly route, renting a different warehouse and spending extra travel time and cost just to get there.

While the use of racks is vital in general, you should consider the importance of using the right racking system. Each of us has different needs and reasons for getting racks, and fortunately, there are various types of racking systems that can match different individual or business requirements.

The Different Racking System Types and Racks in Singapore

There is a right rack for every storage need. The good news is that there are various racking systems or racks in Singapore that meet your varying home or business requirements. Check out these types below!

1. Light Duty Racking System

For your lightweight storage needs, the use of a light duty racking system will meet your requirements. This racking system is sufficient if you need to store light goods such as medicines, food items, and the like.

Boltless Racking

If you are looking for a light duty racking system that is easy to assemble and reconfigure, go for boltless shelving. This form of industrial storage is versatile, stable, and durable enough to meet your daily storage needs for your lightweight and handpicked items at the office or shop.

2. Medium Duty Racking System

The medium duty racking system is the right, optimal system that allows you to store small to medium items. Among the advantages of this racking system is that it will enable long span storage as well as multi-tier racking.

Longspan Shelving

Most racks are made out of metal. And what happens with metals? They rust over time. Fortunately, longspan shelves have a baked coating that protects them from rust, including other debris. Another advantage of longspan shelves is that they are cost-effective and highly customisable to adjust and fit your specifications. And from the term itself, this shelving could last long.

Rack Supported Mezzanine System

If you think you need a new storage area for your business, take a look at your existing storage area first. This is because you likely have not made the most out of the high spaces that you can still further utilise as an additional storage area. And if you are going to store small- to medium-sized goods, install rack supported mezzanines right away.

3. Heavy Duty Racking System

For goods that come in medium to large sizes, the use of heavy duty racking system will answer your storage requirements. This racking system is commonly used in most logistics and manufacturing companies as it supports their daily need to have a smooth and efficient business operation.


Do you sell bulky, long, and awkward items in your store? What you need is a cantilever. This type of racking solution involves no vertical obstruction, making it a suitable solution to store and retrieve any heavy-duty items that are long, bulky, or awkwardly sized.

Drive-In Racking System

You may require a Last-In/First-Out (LIFO) storage system. And for that, opting for drive-in racking systems may suit you well. This is also an ideal solution if you want a storage system that fully utilises your existing storage space. It also allows you to store large heavy-duty identical items while allowing you to get a good overview of them.

Selective Pallet Racking

The selective pallet rack system is perhaps the most common type of warehouse storage commonly used in the market as it is considered the cheapest type of racking. This racking system involves storing pallets of materials and supports your need to have a bulk storage capacity for your medium to heavy goods.

SuperBlock Racking System

You can double up and maximise your warehouse space with the SuperBlock racking system. This racking system involves an additional multi-layer mezzanine floor to set up conveyor systems while the other floors are used as the actual storage place. And make this system even more advantageous; you can actually have an office right below this racking system.

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