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Warehouse Racking Systems

Browse our wide range of commercial and warehouse racking systems in Singapore, customised to your exact needs at competitive rates. All warehouse racking systems we provide come with a warranty and meet Singapore safety standards. Trust in Shelf N Store, we have over 10 years of experience.

Why Does Your Warehouse Need a Robust Racking System?

The backbone of the operational efficiency of a warehouse lies in the strategic implementation of robust warehouse racking systems. These systems, which often consist of pallet racking, cantilever racking, drive-in racks, Superblock mezzanines, boltless racks, long-span racks, and heavy-duty racks in Singapore, play a significant role in optimising storage space, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring the seamless flow of inventory within your warehouse. 

A well-designed warehouse racking system is not merely a storage solution; it provides a structured framework for organising goods, maximising vertical space, and streamlining the retrieval process. By efficiently utilising available space, your business can reduce clutter, minimise the risk of damage to goods, and enhance the overall productivity of your warehouse.

Warehouse racking systems are versatile and can cater to various storage needs. Cantilever racking, for example, is ideal for long and bulky items, while drive-in racking is designed for high-density storage of similar products. The Superblock mezzanine offers a unique solution by capitalising on unused airspace, and boltless racking allows for quick adjustments to accommodate changing inventory requirements.

At SNS, We Prioritise Safety

Safety is a paramount concern in warehouse operations, and our warehouse racking systems in Singapore are designed with this principle at the forefront. All types of racking systems we offer undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet industry standards for load-bearing capacity and durability. As we always prioritise the safety of your goods and personnel, you can significantly minimise the risk of accidents in your warehouse premises by purchasing racking systems from us. 

How to Select Storage Racks for Your Warehouse?

Selecting the right warehouse racking system is crucial, and it involves assessing your specific storage needs and operational requirements. These are some of the key considerations you shouldn’t forget when selecting a racking system for your business:

  • Size of the warehouse
  • Layout of the warehouse
  • Load capacity of racks
  • Accessibility of racks
  • Adaptability of racks 

If your warehouse deals with bulky and heavy items, heavy-duty racks or pallet racking may be the optimal choice. Cantilever racking is ideal for goods with unconventional shapes, such as furniture, while drive-in racking maximises storage density for products with a high turnover rate. Our boltless racking provides a cost-effective and easily adjustable solution, ensuring your storage setup can evolve in the long run.

Do You Know the OSHA Requirements for Warehouse Racking?

Understanding and complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements is vital for maintaining a safe working environment within your establishment. Our warehouse racking systems adhere to OSHA regulations, ensuring that your warehouse operates within the stipulated safety guidelines.

OSHA requirements encompass aspects such as load capacity, aisle width, and clearances, all of which are carefully considered in the design and installation of our warehouse racking systems. 

Invest in Quality; Purchase Warehouse Racking Systems in Singapore from Shelf N Store Pte Ltd

As you navigate the complex terrain of warehousing, selecting a reliable and experienced provider for your warehouse racking systems is of utmost importance. Shelf N Store Pte Ltd stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a diverse range of warehouse racking solutions in Singapore. With over a decade of expertise, we have garnered a reputation for delivering quality workmanship and innovative storage solutions.

Whether you seek heavy-duty racks for robust storage or a Superblock mezzanine to maximise vertical space, our comprehensive range of products is ready to cater to your diverse needs. If you are looking for top-notch warehouse racking in Singapore, contact us today at  (+65) 6762-1498.

Heavy Duty Racking System
  • Efficient for lengthy, bulky, and awkward size
  • Easy storage and retrieval
  • Fast and easy product inventory
  • Rack uprights in a range of widths, depths, and thicknesses
  • Heavy-duty bracing
  • Increased storage space
  • Fewer aisles
  • Depth of system virtually unlimited
  • Maximum pallet storage
  • Can’t leg or set back leg designs can help defend against forklift damage
  • Easy access to all products at all aisles
  • Can store wide variety of products (different SKU’s)
  • Flexibility in adding or reconfiguring your storage
  • Cheapest type of racking (Per square meter)
  • FIFO ensures SKU’s are able to be turned over effectively
  • Lower Forklift Pallet Handling costs
  • Can access large range of Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s)
  • Can double up your warehouse space
  • Mezzanines are always custom made, manufactured from detailed drawings and tailored according to your needs and specifications
  • The addition of a single multi-layered mezzanine floor can accomodate conveyor systems, whilst other floors can be used to store, manage and dispatch products
  • Mobility for Bulky Storage
  • Super fast installation & dismantling
  • Cost effective for a lease unit
  • Customizable Dimension
  • Office below the structure is approved by authorities
  • With GFA (Gross Floor Area) exemption
Medium Duty Racking System
  • Longspan shelves are made of strong, lightweight steel which you to stock heavy and bulky goods without breaking
  • The shelves have a baked coating that protectsthem from rust and other debris.
  • Use rivets and pins instead that allows you to adjust them to fit your specifications. This can easily be customize.
  • Longspan Shelving are cost effective because they are durable and could last a long time.
  • Economical Solutions
  • Efficient for Handpick Items
  • High Density Storage
  • Custom engineered to your specs
  • Stock rotation – friendly
  • Fire protection system, electrical fittings can be integrated
  • Easy access to all products – 100% selectivity
  • Maximise the use of available space in terms of both area and height
  • More cost efficient than conventional steel floors
Light Duty Racking System
  • Efficient for handpick items
  • Fast and easy to assemble and reassemble
  • No hardware required
  • Available in all sizes and shelf capacities
  • Shelves are easy and fully adjustable to customize to fit in your facility.
  • Suitable for offices and residential store owners
  • Low cost and low maintenance
  • Fit for small components with various sizes for office files, store boxes and lightweight products