What Is a Superblock Racking?

What Is a Superblock Racking?

What Is a Superblock Racking

Are you selling goods of various sizes? Then it goes without saying that you need proper storage to keep them safe before selling them to your customers. You may already have a warehouse where you store the items you sell. But if you think you could still make the most out of its space, you should consider using the SuperBlock racking system.

This racking system is known as a cost-effective solution for your warehouse or storage place. Learn more about Superblock racking below!

What Is a SuperBlock Racking System?

The SuperBlock is a modular, patented, stand-alone racking system that does not require to be attached, bolted, or fastened on walls or floors. It is an extensive racking system that can be stored with palletised goods and materials.

Businesses that use more space in their warehouses can benefit from this racking system, making it a racking system that is worth investing in. This is especially applicable for warehouses with vertical spaces or high-air spaces that are not fully utilised.

With this storage solution, all you need is a portable ladder customised to reach such new storage areas.

Advantages of Using the SuperBlock Racking System

Efficiency is the keyword when it comes to the SuperBlock racking system. But other than that, here are other advantages that will surely make you consider SuperBlock Racking as a storage solution.

1. It gives you the option of having a multi-tier storage area.

If you are a business owner that sells products or goods, you know how frustrating it can be if you can no longer stock certain items just because you no longer have a place to store them.

Fortunately, with the SuperBlock racking system, you will not only have additional storage areas, but you will also have multiple levels that allow you to store and secure more items than possible.

Floor space will also no longer be an issue if you implement this racking system since its pallets can be stored stack-by-stack. It no longer needs additional horizontal space for you to set things up.

2. It is a practical solution that won’t make you break the bank.

Since you are able to make the most out of your existing vertical space, you will no longer have to rent a different warehouse to accommodate more items to store.

You may still have to spend extra on pallets, but then it wouldn’t be that much compared to renting an entirely new space.

3. It’s a storage solution that saves you time.

Time is a precious and irreplaceable resource for businesses. If you choose the SuperBlock racking system, you can install and implement it right on the spot, saving you a lot of time. Your business operations will also not be affected at all.

You will not spend too much time on the installation process, and you can store things right away without wasting your non-renewable resource on waiting time.

This type of racking system is easy to set up because it does not require any bolting on the wall or floor. And since it is easy to install, it is also easy to dismantle should the time come that you will have to transfer to a different warehouse or storage area.

4. It is flexible and customisable enough to suit your storage solution needs.

Each business and warehouse have varying needs. Fortunately, the SuperBlock racking system can be customised to tailor to your storage solution requirements and specifications.

What makes this racking system flexible is that you can build it part by part. Its customisable dimension also means that you can increase or even decrease your storage area, including its height, depending on your needs as the years go by.

Signs That You Need a SuperBlock Racking System

Now that you have read about the advantages of SuperBlock racking systems, it’s you who can assess whether you will gain a return of investment from it or not.

To guide you through, here are two signs that you should install and implement this racking system for your business.

You are in dire need of a larger storage area, but you have a limited budget.

Any expansion project can undeniably be expensive. With the cost of today’s goods, there is still the possibility that you will break the bank even if your expansion is not to a greater extent. Hence, if you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on additional storage, the SuperBlock racking system is a great economical storage solution.

You have the budget, but you need to increase your storage space ASAP.

As mentioned, you can install this racking system right on the spot. So, if you need one right away to accommodate your business supplies or goods, then go ahead and invest in the SuperBlock racking system.

Invest in SuperBlock Racking with Shelf N Store

If you are already considering getting yourself a SuperBlock Racking, then you are in for a great investment for your business or warehouse. Even if you do not sell goods, for that matter, you can still get a high ROI with this racking system, as it is considered an efficient and adequate storage solution no matter what industry you belong to.

Hence, if you have finally made up your mind and decided to invest in this racking system, make sure you seek consultation only from trained and trustworthy professionals in the field.

If you do, you know you are in good hands. They will only think of your best interests, so they will help you determine the best storage solutions that are not only cost-efficient but can also solve your lack of storage problems.

Make the Most Out of Space with Shelf N Store

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