Loft in Singapore by Shelf N Store

As a buzzing trend in the property development industry, loft designs in Singapore transform secluded living areas into livable zones. Now, the question that remains is—what makes this urban architectural innovation worth it?

Why Choose Loft Architecture?

The primary reason why you should consider a loft for your living or working space is that it expands the existing space by utilising unused areas. Additionally, lofts add more functionality and modern aesthetics to your establishment – which would ultimately increase its value. This is why loft condos in Singapore are a popular choice at present. 

The evolution of loft spaces has come a long way, originating from the resourceful creativity of struggling artists in New York. Initially conceived by transforming unused spaces into versatile joint work-living areas, the concept of lofts has evolved so far. This trend has found its way to cosmopolitan hubs globally, including Singapore, where city dwellers have embraced it. At present, developers deliberately incorporate loft designs in Singapore, emphasising expansive and open spaces, along with an industrial aesthetic. This intentional integration of loft features by developers is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity and timeless appeal of this design concept within the vibrant urban cityscape. Whether you’re considering a loft condo in Singapore or wishing for a loft-inspired transformation for your existing space, we, at Shelf N Store, will make sure to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Moreover, there are also designs of lofts for industrial and commercial settings, which have become significantly popular. At Shelf N Store – a leading expert in interior renovations and storage solutions in Singapore, we bring all these aspects of lofts to the table. Whether you are looking for a loft with industrial features or a residential loft design in Singapore, we have got you covered. We install chic loft designs in Singapore in all kinds of establishments, including apartments, condos, hotels, and many other spaces. 

Shelf N Store Will Turn Your Loft Ideas Into Reality

Experience the essence of loft architecture, woven around its key elements: flexible space, unfinished look, high ceiling, and huge windows. At Shelf N Store, we can turn all your loft ideas into reality. If you are in need of a haven inspired by urban living with a modern twist, now is the time to consider a loft in Singapore. 

When it comes to reliable workmanship in home and office renovations, at Shelf N Store, we take pride in being the best loft builder in Singapore. With years of experience as a reputable loft contractor, we only provide top-notch services through extensive project management methods.

At Shelf N Store, we work closely with our valued clients to ensure we meet their specific needs. In addition, we optimise available space by taking practical considerations into account. Then, we put our creativity to work, conceptualise the design, and deliver the final installation. As professionals, we do all this to guarantee a functional space, contribute to wellness through design, and ensure that you receive the right value for your money.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Loft Design in Singapore

  • Price Range: Building a loft in Singapore can cost between $20,000 and $50,000.
  • Headroom Requirements: Lofts require a headroom of a minimum of 2.2 metres. Having to create more space to adhere to that can impact the overall costs.
  • Staircase and Safety: Lofts need sufficient space for a safe staircase and fire escape, and those additions can affect overall expenses.
  • Structural Considerations: As lofts require strong floor joists and additional steelwork, you may have to expand your budget to include more renovation costs. 
  • Conversion Method: When it comes to transforming your space into a loft design, different conversion methods will have varying costs. However, rooflight conversions are typically more affordable than many others.
  • Roof Age and Structure: Even though installing a loft is generally a hassle-free procedure, older roofs with trusses may require additional structural support, influencing the cost and the duration of the project.
  • Purpose of Conversion: The purpose of the loft (e.g., bedrooms, workspace) also has a significant impact on its construction costs.

Are You Looking for a Loft Specialist in Singapore?

Do you want to consider a loft in Singapore but do not know where to go? Look no further because we have got you all covered. At Shelf N Store, our team is more than ready to take on your residential and commercial renovation projects. Working with us means partnering with one of Singapore’s best renovation contractors.

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