Space Created @ 9 Tampines Grande

-=Wilson Associates=-

Client: Wilson Associates

Business Nature: Interior Architectural Design

Type of Racking installed:

Black Boltless Racking with additional side and back beams.


Customer requested for racking to store files and books in their office. A total of 16 Black boltless racking were being installed and was completed last November 2010. Additional 2 more racking were installed at the pantry area for the storage of mineral water gallon bottles.

Office (November)

Racking Dimensions:

16 sets: 6 Tiers L1800mm x W450mm x H2100mm with additional side and back beams.

Pantry (February)

Racking Dimensions:

2 sets: 4 Tiers L1200mm x W450mm x H1800mm with additional side and back beams.

Shelf N Store Pte Ltd would like to express our gratitude to Wilson Associates for allowing us to take pictures of the racking.

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