What Is Cantilever Racking?

What Is Cantilever Racking?

What is Cantilever Racking


Regardless of the size of your storage space or warehouse, you may need proper and unique shelving to store the long, bulky, and awkward-sized materials you sell. You need to organise such items by using a cantilever racking storage system.

Whether you sell or store hardware materials, furniture, and the like, you can always benefit from the features of a cantilever racking system.

You are on the right page to know more about the cantilever racking system, as this blog will discuss the basic things you need to know about this storage system.

What is Cantilever Racking?

Also called cantilever shelving, cantilever racking is a storage system with no vertical obstructions, making it the best rack to store long, bulky, or odd-shaped materials.

This warehouse storage system is also a heavy-duty racking system perfect for storing heavy loads like timber, metal and piping.

What Are the Components of a Cantilever Racking System?

To learn more about the cantilever racking system, it is best if you know about its components:

  1. Base: If a cantilever racking system has a component that serves as an anchor, this is the base. The base connects the entire system, holds it upright, and ensures the whole system is stabilised.
  2. Upright columns: Forming this rack system requires upright columns where the bases, braces, and arms are attached.
  3. Arms: Arms connect to the upright columns and extend out to create a level to store materials on. It basically serves as the shelves.
  4. Braces: Uprights also need to be secured, and this can be done with the help of braces that offer horizontal and diagonal support and stability and create this reliable overall structural support.

How Do Cantilever Racks Work?

A cantilever rack consists of four major components: the base, uprights, arms, and supports. The foundation is often built of hefty steel, and it provides sturdy support and extends from the base of the rack to counterbalance the high weight of the objects being kept

The uprights are very sturdy vertical poles that support the arms. The arms serve as the shelves where you can place your “shelves” that extend from the uprights are the arms themselves, and they maintain your stock. Supports link the uprights to strengthen the racks.

Applications for Cantilever Racking System

As mentioned, the cantilever racking system is used for odd-shaped, bulky, and long items. To give you an idea of these items, we’ve listed three of the applications for this racking system.

Fabric rolls: Before fabric becomes a piece of wearable clothing, it comes in these long fabric rolls that can be difficult to store. Apart from their size, you also need to ensure that these are protected from dust, moisture, and other possible contaminants.

Building products: Building products and materials such as lumber and drywall come in various shapes and lengths. Such products and materials do not only need a storage system that can accommodate the needs of their features but also a system that makes it possible for anyone to access them without affecting their efficiency and productivity.

Metals: Like building products and materials, steel bars and other metals are best stored in a storage system like a cantilever as it provides flexible storage, easy access, and the absence of vertical obstruction and floor stacking.

Cantilever Shelving Types

There are two possible types of cantilever racks you can choose from:

Structural Cantilever Rack

Structural cantilever racks can tolerate harsh conditions and still carry greater load capacities than a roll-formed rack. A structural rack is more laborious to build and more costly than a roll-formed rack since it is built of heavier steel. But it often lasts longer and needs less maintenance.

Roll-formed Cantilever Rack

Roll-formed cantilever racks are constructed with thinner gauge steel with boltless beam pin connections, making them less costly and more straightforward to instal than a structural rack. But, on the downside, roll-formed racks can support less weight and are more susceptible to damage from forklift impacts compared to the structural type of cantilever racks.

Benefits of the Cantilever Racking System

The primary advantages of cantilever shelving depend on your storage needs. If your warehouse simply stores small and light items that are readily stacked on pallets, you may not need cantilever racks.

So, if your warehouse stores bigger, heavier products or uses floor stacking for things that no longer fit in pallets, cantilever racks offer you the versatility you need to store such products. Best of all, compared to a pallet racking system, cantilever racks are easier to build, change, and organise.

Cantilever shelving makes the most sense for storing things that are not produced in standard sizes, such as long steel pipes, plywood, timber, odd-sized furniture, and other bulky and oddly-shaped items. Cantilever racks are a solution that will make storing simpler and safer than ever.

Cantilever shelving has adjustable arms to suit your storage and loading needs. Adjusting these arms also does not need specialised equipment, making them exceptionally simple and comfortable.

Cantilever shelving is also available for significantly heavy objects. It can also be customised to create storage space for car components and massive furniture pieces of unusual size or form.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cantilever Racking

When it comes to storing lengthy loads, there are often only two viable options: floor stacking or cantilever racking. Cantilever shelving takes a substantial investment in cash and design, but it may drastically enhance warehouse efficiency and handling times while boosting storage capacity.


  • Convenient to install and adjust
  • Stores various types and sizes of load
  • Makes stock more accessible


  • Cost of capital expenditures to install and construct
  • Requires an aisle between every rack
  • Inefficient storage of pallets

Where to Buy Cantilever Racks?

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