Space Created @ Woodlands BizHub

Location: Woodlands (North)

Business Nature: Stockist, retailer and supplier of wide range of products for furniture, furnishings, decorations & household.


Customer required racking which can increase the storage space of their new warehouse. However, their products are bulky furniture that do not have standard dimensions. Hence, our sales consultant and designer came up with a design using 2 beam levels Super Block Large Bay Racking System for the 1st level. Due to low ceiling height, truss supported and pallet rack supported racking were designed for the storage area at level 4.

Type of racking installed:

2 beam levels Super Block Large Bay Racking System with 186.058 sq.m, 1 beam level Truss Supported Racking and Pallet Rack Supported Racking, with a total of 68.018 sq.m.

Additional service provided: Fan-fold gate and mobile staircases with removable hand rails.

RackingFront Loading  & Unloading Area With Removable Pipe Hand Rail

Rear Loading & Unloading Area Removable Pipe Handrail

Decking on 1st Beam Level

Decking on 2nd Beam Level

Rack Supported Racking

 Truss Supported & Pallet Rack Supported Racking

Main Gate (Before Painting)

Fan-fold Gate (After Painting)

Source: Shelf N Store Pte Ltd

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