Space Created @ Ringwood Road~

-=Ringwood Road 04-Dec-2009=-

Our client visited us at our showroom and indicated that he needed some shelving for 2 rooms. We performed onsite measurements and started planning for both rooms. With limited space available, we managed to come up with an arrangement that maximized our client’s 1st storage room.

Ringwood storeroom

A total of 5 sets of shelving were being set up in L-shaped along the walls of the room and another 2 sets to be joined up at later stage.

Before Space Created


After Space Created


Dimensions of shelving used:

4x 6 tiers (L1200mm x D450mm x H2400mm) powder-coated shelving,

1x 5 tiers (L1200mm x D450mm x H2100mm) powder-coated shelving,

2x 6 tiers (L900mm x D450mm x H2400mm) powder-coated shelving.

Shelf N Store Pte Ltd would like to express our gratitude to our client at Ringwood Road for allowing us to post pictures of the shelvings.