Warehouse Racking: Why Your Warehouse Needs It

Warehouse Racking: Why Your Warehouse Needs It

Warehouse Racking: Why Your Warehouse Needs It

Who would’ve thought that the way you organise and keep inventory could make or break the success of your business? Proper inventory management plays a key role in ensuring smooth warehouse operations. This is because it helps you control your stock and continuously remain relevant in the fast-paced and competitive industry you belong in.

And yet, it remains one of the numerous issues that businesses and warehouse owners continue to face. Fortunately, it all ends with the appropriate warehouse racking system. With that said, read on as we’ll go over what a warehouse racking system is, why your warehouse needs one, and how to choose the right one for your warehouse.

What is a Warehouse Racking System? 

Warehouses provide organisation and storage space for merchandise, equipment, inventory, and other items for businesses. It is also where most retail stores would store their stock of certain things before these are placed on the store shelves and racks.

The absence of a warehouse racking system defeats the entire purpose of having a warehouse in the first place. Also known as storage or pallet racking, warehouse racking is a storage solution that enables you to organise your inventory.

With the proper selection of a racking system type, you can get aid in inventory management and thoroughly utilise whatever warehouse space you currently have.

A warehouse racking system also streamlines freight operations as they take in and out cargo from your warehouse.

Why Your Warehouse Needs a Racking System

Here are some reasons why your warehouse needs a racking system that works and helps propel your business to success.

1. It makes the most out of your vertical or air space.

You may have fully occupied your horizontal space, but have you considered looking up and seeing that you still have a vertical space you can fully utilise? If you do, use this vertical or air space to your advantage. With a proper warehouse racking system, you can make the most out of every nook and cranny of your warehouse, including the vertical or air space.

2. It gives more room for more goods to store.

Is there a sudden increase in the demand for the goods you sell, and your current storage space no longer accommodates your stocks? Having a warehouse racking system installed enables you to store more stock, and you no longer have to rent another warehouse or move to a bigger one for your inventory.

3. It keeps your goods organised and accessible.

Nothing beats the feeling of having an organised and easy inventory to access. With the right warehouse racking system, you can experience this feeling from now on because it helps keep your goods organised and accessible at all times.

With a proper racking system, you can assign a home for every product type, making it easy to locate whenever you need to restock your store shelves. In the process, you streamline your day-to-day operations. You will not waste time looking for a product because you already have everything organised thanks to your warehouse racking system.

4. It improves the safety of your warehouse.

Imagine having a warehouse wherein every item you have in stock is all over. You are not only putting the quality of your goods on the line, but you are also doing the same for your employees’ safety. A disorderly warehouse can damage the goods you store and cause injury to your staff.

However, once you have warehouse racking in place, you are already covering the safety of your goods. And most importantly, you also ensure that the people involved in the daily operation of your business are safe from any common warehouse hazards.

How To Choose the Right Warehouse Racking

If you are overwhelmed with the many options for your warehouse storage, allow us to guide you through the following easy to remember considerations that you should choose from for when you will be selecting your warehouse racking.

1. What do you intend to store?

Before setting up a new or improved warehouse racking system for your business, make sure you know where you intend to store your goods. This is because it gives you an idea of the capacity of the pallets you will be installing.

For instance, if you are only planning to store items for your small- to medium-sized retail business, you don’t have to install systems that can carry up to 5000kg per level. On the other hand, if you sell heavy equipment and intend to stock up on it, having a capacity up to 500kg per level won’t just cut it.

2. What warehouse system works best for your needs?

Every business owner has unique warehouse needs, and this is because no two businesses are precisely similar. Hence, it only makes sense to consider the type of warehouse racking system that suits your needs.

There are many types of industrial warehouse racking you can choose for your business. This includes:

3. Where will you get your warehouse racking supplies?

Your choice of warehouse racking provider will matter. If you avail yourself of a supplier that provides suspiciously low prices, you may want to consider it as its quality may be questionable.

You may save on costs at present, but you will incur additional expenses once it breaks down sooner or later. So, you might as well invest in quality even if it comes with a heftier price tag than risk yourself getting poorly made warehouse racking materials that do not meet Australian standards.

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