Space Created @ Penjuru Tech Hub

Location: Penjuru (West)

Business Nature: Marine & Offshore Services

Type of Racking installed:

4-way Super Block Large Bay Racking System with an area of 51 sq.m. at 4100 mm. clear entry with perforated metal planks.


Our customer required a certain space in their warehouse to put up the racking system. To fully utilize the area’s high ceiling, our team installed a 2-level super block racking system equipped with a lift for easy access from ground level to the super block level as well as to the built-in mezzanine office on top. Sliding gate at the second level was provided for easy loading and unloading of goods through the use of forklift/reach truck. The lift and sliding gate made it more efficient for the customer’s product flow and packing of goods on smaller racks on top of the super block racking system.



Lift access from ground to mezzanine level and topmost office level

View from inside the Lift

Source: Shelf N Store Pte Ltd

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