Space Created @ Kaki Bukit Ave 1

Client: Multibase Construction Pte Ltd

Business Nature: General Building, Civil Engineering & Demolition, Provision of Structural / Concrete Works

Type of racking installed: Rack supported mezzanine with an area of approximately 78 sq.m.

Description: From the old warehouse, our sales person discussed and observed the customer’s operation process.


Previous staircase

From this, our team designed and installed a well-run, organized and efficient racking system that will best fit their work flow. We furnished a rack supported mezzanine that doubled their storage space, with removable handrails at the 2 loading bays where the workers are able to lift up goods to the second level. Perforated metal checkered plate decking is used for the walk way so as to allow water from the sprinklers to flow to the first level.


Pallet decking with plywood backing

Shelf N Store Pte Ltd would like to express our gratitude to Multibase Construction Pte Ltd for allowing us to take pictures of the racking.

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