Space Created @ Playfair Road

Client: Innocom Technologies Pte Ltd

Business Nature: Provides IT consultancy and services, software training and selling IT products.

Type of racking installed:

Rack supported mezzanine with an area of approximately 78 sq.m.


Customer required a sheltered area in front of his office. Hence, after much discussions with our consultant and designer, we proposed the use of the Super Block racking to act as the structure to support the roofing.

Challenges faced: As the installation area was at the open space of a building, it was a challenging task for our installation team to hoist up the the materials using lorry crane as there were air-con compressors blocking the only access opening. It took quite a while for our team to successfully maneuvered all materials up without damaging any compressors.

Source: Innocom Technologies Pte Ltd

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