Space Created @ 20 Pandan Road

Location Pandan (West)

Business Nature: Kitchenware

Type of Racking installed:

4-way Super Block Racking System (3 Levels), Long Span Shelving System, Mobile Cage with wheels – L1200xD800xH1800mm, worktainer with 1 front bar – L1200xD800xH1800 – Top cover included, Mobile Cage with wheels- L1200xD800xH1800mm- Top cover included

Super Block Racking @ Pandan Warehouse

 By installing 2 beam levels Super Block Racking, our customer had tripled their storage space. The worktainers and the mobile cages increase efficiency in the movements of goods as compared to using trolleys.

Customized Racking @ ToTT Store

Customized racking were installed by mounting L-angled bars as support to the wall, with plywood as decking.

Sources: Shelf N Store Pte Ltd

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