How to Find the Best Structural Works Contractor

How to Find the Best Structural Works Contractor

Structural Works Contractor Singapore

Homeownership is already a challenging job in itself. How much more owning a whole building? Whether a house or a commercial space, possessing a property in any form is anybody’s dream. Along with this dream is a package deal of different responsibilities on top of various tasks that are equally unique. From cleaning rooms down to maintaining pipelines—you have to go through all this in order to keep your property well taken care of. If you do not invest in property improvement, your most valuable asset might not serve you in the best way possible.

What to Look for When Hiring a Structural Works Contractor

As luck would have it, you do not have to take care of your property all by yourself. The good thing is that a structural works contractor can help you with everything that is in line with building improvement, like installing roofing panels, construction building footings, painting load-bearing walls, and fixing plumbing fixtures, among other things. As an expert in the field of construction, a structural works contractor will look after your building project. This job is done to ensure the correct and efficient execution of construction activities.

Knowing what to look for and where to look when hiring the most suitable contractor for your improvement project will definitely guarantee a successful undertaking. Let us take a closer look at what to consider when hiring a structural works contractor in Singapore.

1. Relevant Experience

How vital is relevant experience when it comes to hiring a structural works contractor? If a contractor has experience doing the work you want to be done, it can significantly change in expediting the job and guaranteeing the best results. With relevant experience, contractors know how to find the way around a construction project. More than that, they also understand what appropriate approach to use in different situations during the entire project process. Hence, the more years a contractor has worked in the construction industry, the more reliable they are to handle a project.

2. Good Reviews

Before, contractors would provide a list of past clients who would say some good things about them when a potential customer asks for references. However, in today’s market and digitalisation, customers do their due diligence using online platforms.

As a would-be customer, you should not only look for structural works contractors in your area. Also, try to determine which ones you can rely on. It will help if you read customer feedbacks or reviews about a contractor’s past works. On the contractor’s end, they do not have that same degree of control over the reference list as online reviews are not limited to certain clients.

3. Contractors’ All Risks (CAR) Insurance

In many cases, a construction project comes in contact with the general public. And that presents different kinds of risks. For example, debris falls while installing roof panels, hitting a civilian or an employee on-site despite the construction firm setting up safety netting around the premise. We want you to understand that contractors have a high chance of encountering legal battles even for no good reason.

Having CAR insurance helps a structural works contractor reduce the costs associated with legal liabilities coming from various situations. It covers bodily injuries, damage claims, or accidental damage caused to a third party’s property while performing business operations. Thus, before you sign a contract, make sure a contractor has CAR insurance. Otherwise, you could be held accountable for accidents and unlawful acts by the contractor you work with.

4. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

A contractor is not required to purchase worker’s insurance only if they work for themselves and do not have employees. However, a structural workers contractor might have to purchase a policy for two reasons: (1) fulfil the terms of a contract, and (2) guard against medical bills and lost wages.

The insurance limits a client’s liability if the contractor gets injured carrying out the job. In this case, the policy will cover the medical bills of the contractor if they are injured on the job. The coverage is on top of the contractor’s health insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance will also compensate the wages lost during recovery of injury or illness. Hence, as a client, you should work with a contractor who has workers’ compensation to lessen the financial burden in case of accidents inflicted on the contractor.

5. Personal Liability Insurance

The last insurance you look for from a contractor is personal liability insurance. This policy is applicable for an accident, in or outside the insured person’s home, that may inflict bodily injury or property damage the insured person is held legally responsible for. Suppose a contractor encounters an accident classified as personal liability. In that case, they can claim coverage for medical bills, legal fees, accidental damage, and more without paying out of their pockets for inevitable risks.

Know When a Structural Works Contractor Is Qualified to Handle a Project

One of the most vital things to consider when hiring a structural works contractor in Singapore is relevant permits. Commencing a construction project in Singapore is not a job that should be taken lightly. It is more than just knowing how to get things done. Every contractor needs different license and registration requirements to comply with within Singapore, which is known for its impressive yet practical building designs.

Construction is considered one of Singapore’s economic foundations. It covers the construction of housing projects, business parks, mass rapid transit or MRT, and other commercial and residential projects. Before any business person can set up their firm in the Singaporean business hub, they have to complete the prerequisites to get a license from the Professional Engineers Board (PEB).

When a structural works contractor goes above and under to obtain a license and certificate, you know they can be trusted to take on any property improvement projects, including yours. Having complete permits also tells a lot about the business. The appropriate offices regularly audit these documents for a contractor to construct or contract any type of establishment.

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