Avoid These 4 Common Warehouse Management Mistakes

Avoid These 4 Common Warehouse Management Mistakes

There is no single formula on how to effectively manage a warehouse. Businesses have different needs. Even if you have the most modern superblock mezzanine or purchased the most expensive inventory software, this is no guarantee that you will succeed. How you manage your business may be different from your competitors. In fact, you can even change your management system if you deem it’s no longer efficient due to changing needs.

Warehouse management highly depends on your supply chain. However, there are still certain common principles that needs to be applied. You should also be flexible in changing management systems as there’s no guarantee that everything will turn out fine the first time.

To make sure that your storage facilities improves its efficiency and don’t generate undue costs, here are 4 common warehousing mistakes to avoid. If you observe any of these signs, prioritize them for immediate action. In case your warehouse doesn’t experience these problems, it still helps to keep these factors in mind so you know how to act in case they happen.

Neglecting Staff’s Health and Safety

No matter how clean and organize your warehouse is, if it does not have good health and safety management operations, it will not be efficient. Keep everything in check, most especially hidden and obvious hazards. Most of the time health and safety are overlooked while trying to build an effective warehousing operations. This is a typical that you no warehouse owner should ignore. When one of your staff gets into an accident, the consequences will not only be costly but also lethal.

To avoid such problem, make sure you warehouse is a safe working environments. Get into the habit of reporting near misses or minor accidents, analyzing its causes and eliminating them. It can surely help save costs and keep staff from serious injury as well.

Storing Excessive Inventory

Storing too much inventory is a common mistake in warehouses that many still practice. Sometimes even business owners with years of knowledge in warehousing field fall victim to this, especially wholesalers. They make huge purchases of a product to take advantage of discounts for bulk quantity orders.

By reducing your inventory levels, less money will be tied up in your stock. You can instead use the funds to support other operations of your business, hire more staff, or purchase tools.

Sticking to Old Processes

If you are still filling out papers to track inventory, you may be falling far behind from your competitors. Try to make the most of modern technology and stop clinging onto old, time-consuming paper-based workflows. This is a warehousing mistake that is common to a lot of smaller organizations.

Some may say that their small warehousing operation needs to save on costs and is better off with sticking to old habits, it can cause you delays resulting to slow business growth and development. It could also lead to lost or misplaced documents. By switching to digital storage and transmission, you can have all your documents saved online.

Ignoring Your Staff’s Growth

No matter how tight your budget is, you should never fail to provide training and development activities to your staff. Your staff is your most important resource and asset so you need to invest in them. Their individual growth can lead to higher staff turnover, which is always good for any company.

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