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Industrial Racking & Storage Rack Solutions in Singapore

Having the ideal racking and storage solution can undoubtedly boost the efficiency of your warehouse. If you are looking for the best options for racking systems in Singapore, we have got you covered!

About Shelf N Store Pte Ltd

Established in 2008, SHELF N STORE PTE LTD (SNS) is a subsidiary of Sin Hiap Chuan Hardware & Engineering Pte Ltd (SHC). Complemented by SHC’s expertise in logistics, production, fabrication, and installation endeavours, our objective is to offer sophisticated warehouse and commercial racking and storage solutions, along with comprehensive design and consultancy services in Singapore.

Superblock Mezzanine

The only approved system in Singapore. The SuperBlock Racking System is a cost effective solution for companies & offices that need extra space. This design is to fully utilize the unused high air space of the warehouse. Mobile ladders are customized to the height of the racking systems.

Racking Products

Racking is much more than just steel; it serves as the linchpin for achieving optimum throughput efficiency. At Shelf N Store, we provide you with innovative racking and storage solutions, including mezzanines and self-supporting stores (silos). Whether it is pallets, containers, stillages, cartons, or long goods, we offer you comprehensive solutions. Our approach involves meticulous planning of storage facilities that integrate racking seamlessly with truck services and rack servicing cranes, forming a system that prioritises both safety and effectiveness.

As a leading racking supplier, Shelf N Store caters to the storage needs of warehouses throughout Singapore and Malaysia, specialising in both residential and industrial storage solutions. Consider us your all-inclusive supplier, as we offer diverse racking systems and storage shelves in Singapore. Benefit from over a decade of experience, ensuring quality workmanship. Request a quote today to optimise your storage capabilities.

Boltless Racks Features & Comparison

We make it easy to find the ideal racks in Singapore to suit your unique storage needs. Choose among four product lines, from high-quality entry-level models to premium racks with high load capacity and the finest designs, to organise your goods and create more space for your office or home.

Boltless racking Singapore
 Residential and Commercial Boltless racking comparison
1 cm = 10 mm
1 m = 100 cm
1 in = 25 mm
1 ft = 300 mm
1 sqm = 10.8 sqf


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How to purchase Racking Systems in Singapore


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Storage spaces such as warehouses tend to get congested with inventories and various warehouse equipment. Racking systems optimise storage space, improve organisation, and enhance accessibility, leading to increased efficiency in warehouse operations.

Pallet racks, boltless racks, and mezzanines are some of the most popular types of racks and storage shelves in Singapore, each catering to specific storage requirements and configurations.

The SuperBlock Mezzanine is the only approved system in Singapore, providing a cost-effective solution for companies and offices needing extra space. It efficiently utilises the unused vertical space of the warehouse, and custom mobile ladders are designed to match the height of the racking system.

When purchasing racks in Singapore, you should consider factors such as space requirements, load capacity, accessibility, and future expansion plans for your establishment to ensure an optimal and scalable storage solution.

Shelf N Store carries over a decade of experience, ensuring quality workmanship in industrial storage solutions. We offer versatile options for racking systems, storage shelves, and mezzanines, making us a one-stop solution for your storage needs.