Interesting Facts About Boltless Metal Racks

Interesting Facts About Boltless Metal Racks

boltless metal rack

Most warehouse storage solutions often come in large sizes as they aim to fit equally large products. But if you are looking for a storage solution to manage smaller items, you can never go wrong with boltless metal racks.

For many years, boltless metal racks have served as one of the best solutions for storing smaller products in many warehouses. It benefits both small, medium, and even large enterprises since it is easy to assemble and it makes things easy to access.

Boltless metal racks may be one of the popular storage solutions today, but you may not yet be aware of what this is, how they work, and how they can benefit you. That said, be sure to read on and learn more interesting facts about boltless metal racks below to know whether it’s the best storage solution for you or not.

What Are Boltless Metal Racks?

As the name suggests, boltless metal racks are metal racks that can be formed without the need for bolts. Such a feature makes it easier for people to assemble, dismantle, and modify it, making it easy to transfer from one place to another.

In addition, this feature also makes boltless racks one of the cost-effective and efficient shelf solutions that will make an excellent investment, especially for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) looking for ways to store their product inventory and supplies.

This is why boltless metal racks are commonly used by retail shops, healthcare facilities, and even home offices. But this does not mean that larger industrial enterprises do not use this because they certainly do, and it works just as beneficial.

Interesting Facts About Boltless Metal Racks

Do you know that boltless shelving is also called rivet shelving?

This is because, in order to assemble boltless shelving, you will use rivets instead of nuts, bolts, and the like. The horizontal beams of this rack are riveted into post slots with keyhole shapes to create interlocking units in nearly any configuration. You also don’t need complicated tools or equipment—a knock of the rubber mallet will put the beams in place.

And while it is common knowledge that boltless metal racks are only ideal for lighter loads, do you know that there is also a heavy-duty boltless unit? It is called bulk shelving. Compared to the standard boltless shelving unit, its horizontal beams have double-rivet ends and centre supports, enhancing its sturdiness and durability.

When Should Your Business Use Boltless Metal Racks?

Boltless metal racks are not a one-size-fits-all storage solution. Hence, it is always essential to determine when and why your business needs it. Be guided with the many instances that will arise the need for boltless shelving.

  1. When budget becomes a constraint

    Shelving solutions may not necessarily make you break the bank. But if you are faced with a situation that requires you to get another storage space, and that budget becomes a constraint, you can always count on boltless metal racks for that. This storage solution can prevent you from shelling out hefty amounts to resolve your current storage problems. In addition, this type of rack is easy to assemble, which helps you save time, and if you can save time, you are also saving money in the process.

  2. When you need something easy to assemble

    As mentioned, boltless metal racks are easy to assemble, and this is all thanks to their design which does not require bolts to build a structure. All you need to assemble this type of rack is to knock its rivets into place, and you are good to go.
    It requires no extensive process before you can start utilizing this type of rack. You can also possibly adjust it to your liking, making this rack an efficient storage configuration.

  3. When durability is an important shelf quality

    You might think that boltless metal racks are not durable since they do not have bolts. In case you didn’t know, these shelves can carry up to 2,000 lbs, even when they’re only put into place by rivets. But this depends on the size of your rack. Of course, this type of rack is meant for lighter items, but you can be assured that this rack can withstand the total weight of all the delicate items combined.

  4. When you require customization more than ever

    Your storage needs vary from time to time, depending on your business’ inventory and supply needs. If you find that your business has such demands, it would be best to get yourself boltless metal racks as they are flexible and customizable enough to meet your various storage needs. If you know where to get this type of rack, you can also have it made to order to meet a specific height, with a certain number of levels, and so on. But even if you don’t have it custom-designed, worry not because this rack is adjustable and can accommodate items in almost any size.

  5. When efficiency becomes your priority

    Nothing beats the feeling of being efficient, especially when it comes to your business operations. For instance, you run a retail shop, and the demand for a particular item is relatively high. Having a supply for this item ready on a boltless metal rack will make it easier for you to access it whenever your customers request it.Since it allows you to view your items or supplies in plain sight, you can quickly grab things in no time, making order picking fast and smooth.

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