Space Created @ Toh Guan East Road

Client: Kongsberg Maritime Pte. Ltd

Business Nature: Provides innovative and reliable solutions for merchant marine, offshore, subsea, navy, coastal marine, fisheries, port & harbour surveillance and more. Kongsberg also delivers systems for dynamic positioning and navigation, marine automation, cargo management and level sensors, maritime training simulators and position reference systems. Important markets include countries with large offshore and shipyard industries.


Customer required shifting services for their existing racking from warehouse at 4th level to 3rd level. Additional racking were required for the warehouse at 3rd level. After much discussions, our designer planned the layout according to the customer’s requirement.

Type of racking installed:

57 bays of Beige MDF/Plywood Boltless Racking with various dimensions and tiers.

Challenges Faced: The ground was not even. Hence, our installation team had to patiently adjust and insert shimp plates to level the boltless racking. This was important as our customer wanted to add side/back panels and customized door to the racking.

Source: Kongsberg Maritime Pte. Ltd

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