Reasons to Invest in New Shelves for Your Store

Reasons to Invest in New Shelves for Your Store

Invest in New Shelves for Your Store

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Some business owners may find it difficult to purchase new store fixtures, especially if the budget is tight. After all, why would you invest in new shelves if you had old ones that you can still utilise? But what many store owners fail to realise is the importance of investing in new shelves, and it applies if your shelves in Singapore have gone through years of wear and tear.

Make sure you read through these six key reasons you should consider including new shelves as part of your budget.

Why Buy New Shelves vs. Used?

Before we list the six reasons you should invest in new shelves, let’s first answer this question that always comes up before buying new things: why buy new when the used ones are still of high quality?

1. Minimal price difference

You might think that you can save on costs when buying used shelves. But the reality is that the price between the used and new shelf is so close you might as well buy a new one. If you are only to spend, you might as well spend on something new rather than invest in something used that will require repair later on.

2. Questionable condition

You can buy used shelves cheaply but is it in the best condition possible? Can you dismantle it without hassle before you transfer these to your store? Does the shelf’s condition mean additional cost since you have to repair and tweak some things? If you begin questioning its condition, opt for a new one.

3. Missing parts

Are the parts of the shelf complete? You should check this, especially if you buy a used shelf that the seller dismantled before putting it up for sale. If you buy a new one, you will get it completely, including small parts and components.

6 Reasons to Invest in New Shelves for Your Store in Singapore

Are you a retail store owner for a long time now? You may already have fixtures such as shelves in your store for many years. But, in case you have not yet checked, maybe your shelves are already worn out and could use some upgrade. It may even need replacement altogether.

Investing in new shelves might mean shelling out money. But we have listed why you would think it will be a worthwhile investment.

1. You can give your store a makeover.

You have probably wanted to change the appearance of your store by changing its layout countless times already. But if it was tough for you to make your store look new or at least good in the eyes of your clients, then maybe all you had to do was to replace your shelves altogether.

If you make any change in your store, you can already consider a makeover. This could drastically change the way you present your store to your customers. Imagine a customer entering your store only to be welcomed with worn-out shelves and fixtures. This can certainly affect their experience and will also affect your reputation.

2. You can prevent accidents that affect your employees and customers.

Apart from appearance, you also should consider safety. Old shelves can harm your employees and customers. For instance, certain levels of your old shelves may already be on the verge of falling apart. When the time comes that it does, it can hurt people who will pass by. The last thing you want to happen is to hurt people with something you could have prevented if only you replaced it sooner.

With new shelves, hurting a customer or your employees is less likely. Unlike old shelves with sharp edges, new shelves don’t cause cuts and scratches. But of course, choose quality ones because new is not necessarily made of high quality.

3. You can safely keep your merchandise.

While ensuring the safety of your customers and employees, it is also crucial that you see to it that the merchandise you sell is also safely kept from damage. No one wants to buy damaged goods, and even if you put this up on sale, customers will still have apprehensions before purchasing these.

If you place your goods on old and rusty shelves, you are putting them at risk of damage, and you are affecting the customer’s experience should they purchase the damaged goods. In addition, new shelves will keep your merchandise in good and presentable shape.

4. You can serve every customer that walks into your store.

With new shelves, you can potentially increase the number of customers you can serve. This is by ensuring that you have ample space for the goods you sell, especially those merchandise in your store that is in demand.

Another angle to look at here is that you can now purchase shelves that can cater to customers of various heights. Make sure that you buy shelves that are not too difficult to reach.

5. You can present your goods and items attractively.

Sure, you have the best and sought-after products in your store, but if you won’t highlight and present them as such on your shelf, then you will still hardly make a sale. If you already intend to buy new shelves, you might as well invest in shelves that allow you to highlight specific products in your retail store.

Customers are more likely to purchase your products if your shelving is attractive. Some shelves allow you to display your merchandise effectively, and this is what you should consider buying. In addition, do not forget to purchase quality shelves for the goods you have in the background and make sure that they match your store’s theme.

6. You can maximise the floor space of your store.

Has it crossed your mind that you could already start expanding your space? Before you shell out money for your expansion, consider checking out your existing space first.

Are there horizontal and vertical spaces you can still utilise? If yes, make sure you purchase new shelves that make the most out of these spaces. Some shelves come with adjustable levels, and you may want to use this so you can cater to seasonal items.

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